Caroline Meynell

Having studied history of art at the Courtauld Institute of Art, I worked for many years as a picture researcher for leading art publishers.  This has proved an invaluable experience for training the eye.   It wasn’t until relatively recently that I started painting, and graduated in 2003 from BCUC (Bucks Chilterns University College) with a Fine Art degree, 1st class honours.


Painting draws me into a world of possibilities, where the slightest mark or shift in colour can change a mood or emotion.  I am continually exploring the paint itself, how it is moulded, sensed and manipulated.   Working mostly in oils and sometimes in acrylics, I build up thin layers of paint to create transparency and depth.  Colours play an important part, colours that are soft and subtle.


My starting point is mostly from landscapes, particularly those well known to me, mapping a path that is both internal and external.  Hills, water, paths and trees all play their part as subject matter, but the overriding sense is of space and light.


Sacha Craddock, the art critic and former Turner Prize panellist, comments that the sense of space and light is ‘managed brilliantly.   The paintings have their own autonomous sense of self and place and space.  They are real - working in their own terms.   They are beautiful paintings.’